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Da Vinci boost for Malaysia writer

The phenomenal success of the US thriller novel The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown has caused an unexpected windfall for feng shui masters. Between chunks of action-adventure, the book powerfully pushes “sacred geometry”: the belief that there are right and correct proportions for things. Where can ordinary fans get advice about this kind of thing? Feng shui masters, of course. Malaysia-based Stephen Skinner, who has made a career publishing Chinese feng shui works in English, has taken to following the thriller writer closely, having recently published a volume called Sacred Geometry. Dan Brown’s next book is called The Solomon Key, titled after a book of magic originally published in the Middle Ages. Skinner’s new book is shortly to hit the stands, and is also a compilation of ancient magic spells from the Middle Ages. Dan Brown has unexpectedly brought eastern and western geomantic sciences together.


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